Thursday, April 05, 2007

Can we go home now !


Suresh Jadhav is a BMC worker who loves dogs and lives in a chawl nearby the WSD kennels at Mahalakshmi. Rani, his 10 year old mongrel was brought to the kennels as an OPD patient for an eye and ear infection that she is suffering.

Suresh’s friend found Rani as a puppy and Suresh readily kept her. She has been an integral part of his family much before he got married. His wife too accompanied him to the kennels and has grown fond of her. Rani’s attachment to Suresh is so evident that as soon as he went into the kennels to understand the medication which has to be continued, Rani barked the place down. She was happy when he emerged out with the medication, looked at him and it looked like she told him with a little stern grin , “ Can we go home now”.

Rani barking


tiya_6 said...

Rani is so sweet.

slaint said...

Hi Abodh,

I am trying to start a proper group for people interested in helping the cat population of Mumbai. It seems that there are many like minded individuals out there -- if you know of anyone who loves cats and would be interested in bringing together people to eventually move into sterilization and vaccination, please pass them on to me slaint @ gmail