Wednesday, March 21, 2007


She had an unwilling free ride from Borivali to Churchgate on the 6:19 am Churchgate slow from Borivali. We get a call early morning when she must have reached Khar about a dog which must have been hurt and was moaning in the ladies first class compartment. We take down the details as in the train no and also calculate the ETA at Churchgate and rush to Churchgate station. We think it would be better taking the injured dog down out at Churchgate station than in the middle for want of time as the suburban train would halt very briefly at its various stops. We inform the Churchgate station master who is very helpful and checks on the whereabouts of the train. It seems that the train is just outside Churchgate station and is expected to arrive any moment on platform number two.

We rush onto the platform and wait at the point where the first class ladies compartment would be coming. The train comes to a halt. We check the train no on the compartment; it is the same one that the caller had given. We search the ladies compartment thoroughly… there is no dog. We then check the next compartment, yet no dog. We go back to the first one for a double check and she is sitting under the seat. We had missed her earlier as we had a grown up injured dog in our mind and not a two month old puppy. She lets out a whine and wags her tail. We take her out. She is very scared and confused but continues to wag her tail. We walk down the platform with her and show her to the station master, thank him and are off in a taxi and she sleeps soundly, tail wagging on the lap.

We thus decided to name her Bogie. She is too small to have climbed onto the train by herself. She must have been put in by some crazy person who had no empathy of what she would go through, in the journey or where she would end up.

Bogie is being temporarily housed by a WSD volunteer and is looking for a good home and if you know anyone who would want her do call WSD on 23733433. She is brown with a black snout, has floppy ears and is adorable. She wags her tail all the time and should we say that she is used to traveling on a Mumbai suburban train?


csm said...

you could also call her "first class"

drifting leaf said...

oh my gosh... i love her... damn wish i could have her... next time you need a temp home for a pup or kitten, do tell me...

tiya_6 said...

Bogie is so sweet and adorable.
How old is she?

Abodh said...

csm : heh heh .. good suggestion.

drifting : hmm .. let me know when you want to some and see them at the kennels !!!

tiya_6 : Yes she is ...Bogie is about 2 months old.

tiya_6 said...

Have you found a home for Bogie?
Bogie should get a very loving
home, where her family will love
her alot.

Anil P said...

Serious eyes those. The pup seen a lot for its age.

Abodh said...

Tiya : Thanks for enquiring. Yes , Bogie has found a good home.

Anil : Yes, That's true... didn't think of it. How are you. long time no post ?

tiya_6 said...

It's so nice that Bogie has
found a good home.

I was reading the various posts
on the blog, and i read about the
pomeranian Lara who was abandoned
by her owner. I was very sad when
i read her story.
Did Lara get a loving home?