Thursday, April 26, 2007

Forty winks !

This stray dog was fast asleep amidst the din and dirt in a slum on the road outside the WSD kennels near Dhobi Ghat at Saat Raasta. He is sleeping outside a hut under the ladder which takes you to another kholi above. The traffic on this road has gone up drastically due to the diversion taken place because of the the ongoing TADA court at Arthur Jail. Yet he is able to grab his forty winks in the middle of the afternoon.
This stray belongs to the family which lives in the kholi outside which he is sleeping. Thousands of slum dwellers keep stray dogs like him as pets in hundreds of slums all over Mumbai.


Anil P said...

To be able to shut out noise in that fashion is a remarkable achievement in as much as it shows how adaptable they can be.

tiya_6 said...

He is so cute and innocent,
every stray dog should be adopted
by a loving family, dogs need only
love and care, they do not need
rich owners.