Thursday, March 09, 2006


Our beloved three-legged Rani passed away on February 27,2006. She was in kidney failure. She was one of the permanent dogs at the WSD kennels at Mahalakshmi. She was brought to WSD sometime in 1997 with a shattered leg because of some cruel persons incessant beating. Her leg had to be amputated but luckily for us, she never got adopted and remained at WSD. Many years later, a volunteer did adopt her but she stopped eating at her new home (a palace compared to WSD with lots of open space and a nursery)and the volunteer brought her back. Her companions at the kennels also did not eat as they missed Rani dearly.

Rani was one of the most gentle dogs I have ever seen. Her eyes were so expressive that you always wondered what she was trying to tell you. She would come and greet anyone who came with a tail-wag. She was a willing demo dog for the SOS workshops WSD held for dog lovers, where she would be bandaged and muzzled.(You can see her in the picture above showing off how a pressure bandage should be tied)

Rani would be missed by all of us at WSD and whenever I enter the kennels , I feel that she would rush up from somewhere to greet me.

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Survivor said...

Someone once told me that dogs never die. They just live on...I first realised the truth of these words when my dog passed away. I miss her...miss her lots. wait for her to jump on me and spoil all my clothes....but is not there to do all that i so hate....and i so love.
I have her on my desktop, my phone, my walls...she is everywhere. like she didn't die at all.