Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Hope for the bald

Years ago, while treating dogs on the streets, we came across a new dog in the Mantralaya area. She was very sweet but hairless. She didnt have a single strand of hair on her body. We decided to name her Hope with the hope of being able to cure her. So Hope’s treatment started and someone from WSD used to see her twice a week. After about 4 months of treatment, Hope got all her hair back. She had lovely cream-colored fur all over her body and all of us were really happy for her.

All along, there used to be a bald hawker who used to watch us come every week and treat Hope. When Hope got her fur back, he came to us and said “ Bhaisahab , yeh dawai hum lagayenge toh kya hamare baal bhi wapas ayenge” , we of course replied in the negative but this hilarious incident has become one of the many that I have encountered whilst treating stray dogs on the streets of Mumbai.

Hope, of course lived happily ever after till she was run over and passed away many years later.


ritzkini said...

WOW !! Guess who just discovered your blog !
Hi abodh !
dont let the nick fool you,it's me...Ritesh

Virtual Poona Blogger said...

Oh, boo-hoo hoo ! I came here with hope and depart with none. But there's always the Chia Pet here in America...
look it up !

Good reading your Blog, BTW....keep it going.