Sunday, May 06, 2007


This very sweet, young & tiny mixed breed stray was brought to the WSD sterilization centre by a volunteer from Vakola. In the picture above, you can see her peering out of the WSD Stray Dog Van. Gungun(pronounced goongoon) lives in a slum near Kadam Wadi at Vakola and is looked after by Deepak. She was born in one of the buildings in the locality and Deepak offered to look after her. She roams around the slum and in and out of his hut. She has been sterilized and will go back to her neighborhood in a few days.


tiya_6 said...

Gungun is really pretty and looks
very sweet.

uma said...


Strays said...

Is she going to be at the Girgaum workshop?? Such a sweetheart!!

Abodh said...

tiya : yes , she is really sweet

uma : yes , she is . Whenever I go to the kennel she is vigorously wagging her tail and calling out.

strays: Unfortunately not.She would have gone back today after sterilization. Liked your blog.

tiya_6 said...

Are people adopting the abandoned
pets at WSD ?
It would be great if more kind
people would adopt these sweet
pets. These pets deserve to be in
a nice home with a family of their
Adoption of these pets should be
promoted in a major way through
the media.