Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Champi - R.I.P.

Champi the stray belonging to the Sugarcane juicewala on the Cooperage side of the Oval Maidan at Churchgate passed away yesterday early in the morning. She was in kidney failure with a creatinine of 5.1. She was sixteen.

Some days ago the sugarcane juicewala's son called to tell us that she had not been eating for some days. She was taken to the WSD kennels and with treatment had started eating. One good thing was till the end she ate and used to wag her brindle tail when she saw me.

Her presence will truly be missed and if you passed her footpath when she was alive, you would have hardly noticed her as she would be quietly sitting under the tree by the side of the foot path.

One consolation is that Champi lived a good and long life on the street. She was looked after well by the sugarcane juicewala.

Read more about Champi in my earlier post here.


uma said...

Poor thing. Nice of the sugarcane walla to look afer her though. Isn't there a black and white dog on the other side of the Oval who is also looked after by a sugarcane walla? I remember when we used to take Whisky to the Oval - long ago - this little dog used to play with him.

Abodh said...

yes , sad. The other dog which played with Whisky is Julie.. She too has an amazing story. Will write about her sometime. She is still around and everybody's darling.Have taken some nice pictures of her with a Oval Maidan backdrop.

sourabh said...

Sorry to hear about Champi. U have been doing real good work at WSD. Do u guys have any activities in the western suburbs. A lot of strays in Borivli need a god father like u & ur team.


tiya_6 said...

Really sorry to hear about Champi.

Tara Sahgal said...

hi abodh - sorry about champi. that is possibly the sweetest name i have heard yet :) (with bun maska coming a close second). i didn't know champi, but i wish i had.

Parag Bhargava said...

You surely know how to touch heart dude... may god bless Champi's soul.