Thursday, May 11, 2006

14 May is Stray Dog Day

In 2005, The Welfare of Stray Dogs decided to celebrate the second Sunday of May every year as “Stray Dog Day.” This year it will be held at the Dhanraj Mahal in Colaba( Near Cottage Industries/Gateway Of India) on May 14, 2006 at 4:30 pm.

This year, the organization will felicitate seven individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the cause of stray dog welfare, public health and above all, furthered the goal of harmonious co-existence of dogs and humans. Seven of these awardees are human, two are dogs.

WSD will felicitate two “ Stray Dog Friends”, five “Stray Dog Saviours” and two “Stray Dog Heroes.” WSD products (for humans and dogs) will also be on sale. People can buy gourmet vegetarian food prepared and sponsored by the Taj President, Mocha, Zaffran , Joss & Patchi chocolates. Cyrus Broacha will compere the event and Mr. Cyrus Guzder, CMD, AFL will hand over the token of appreciation to the awardees. The honorary director of the Helen Keller institute, Ms Behroze Vaccha will also be present.

Kids can get themselves photographed with the kennel dogs and the “Stray Dog Heroes”by WSD volunteer and professional photographer Rohan Mukherjee.

Meet the Stray Dog Heroes
Jerry - Those of us who are different from the mainstream are usually burdened with the pity and low expectations of our fellow human beings. Perhaps only in the eyes of dogs are we truly equal. Adopted from WSD four years ago, Jerry lives at the Helen Keller Institute of Deaf & Deaf Blind . She performs a valuable and unique service by providing love, companionship and lots of fun for the students. Like all dogs, Jerry does not discriminate in any way, and to her the children are simply her beloved playmates, no different from other children.
Lara – She wasn't born a stray, but she became one when her callous owner abandoned her on Sion highway. Not surprisingly, she was soon hit by a car and both her back paws were severely wounded and fractured. In fact, the toes of the right hind paw were completely severed. When she was brought to the WSD kennel in January 2006, she was unable to get up. Instead of sinking into self-pity as most humans would have done, Lara made the best of what she had and started propelling herself around on her front legs. As her wounds healed, she started using one of her hind legs, and finally, a couple of weeks ago, she began walking almost normally on all four paws. WSD salutes this quiet, gentle little dog for her tenacity and will to survive, and above all for retaining her trust of human beings even after the cruelty she had suffered. Read more about Lara here

Read more about the Stray Dog day on Indianwriting and hope to see you there !!


Bombay Addict said...

Abodh - hats off to these heroes ! Lovely post.

Btw - I've posted our trip around Chor Bazaar. This is the link. Thanks for that awesome journey.

Selma Mirza said...

Whoa, its Abodh. Abodh though haven't seen you I've heard loads about you and I don't even remember from where! Its just that in the stray-dog kingdom names like Fizzah, Abodh are as popular as seemingly unheard ones like Aaban and Sumita. Nice seeing you here :-)

Fingers said...

Like Evenstar, I've heard lots about you, too, and I don't even live in Bombay.

Wish you luck for the adoption day.

Abodh said...

Bombay Addict & Evenstar : Have left a message on your blog.

Fingers : Its good to have an anon blog.. you know me but i dont know you.. heh heh. Thanks a lot for your wishes. Will look up your blog. Were you a Bombayite ?

Selma Mirza said...

Awee. I wouldn't mind revealing my identity, really. But you really wouldn't know me. I'm pretty much into saving souls at my own level, not at an organisational level :-(

Abodh said...

Evenstar : You seem to have responded to what I wrote for Fingers. Great that you save souls at your own level.

Fingers said...

I've never been a Bombayite but have lived in the glorious city for a short while and completely loved it.
Shall be back soon.

How did the Stray Dog day go?! Please do put up pictures and write about it.

Fingers said...

Great to know about how well it went, and also about Suraj!