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Do drop in at Dhanraj Mahal on April 9, 2006 for our adoption mela. here is the information....

The Welfare Of Stray Dogs(WSD) will be hosting the WSD ADOPTION MELA at Dhanraj Mahal, Apollo Bunder, Near Cottage Industries Emporium, Colaba on Sunday, April 9, 2006 between 5 pm and 7 pm.

There would be around 10 dogs put up for adoption. These dogs are either abandoned pets or pariahs brought from the Mumbai Airport area. All these dogs require a good and loving home. All the dogs have been temperamentally tested to ensure that they would make good house pets. They are all sterilised and immunized.

The WSD veterinary physician and volunteers trained in dog behaviour will guide the prospective adopters to make the correct choice, and advice the new adopters about dog care, diet, behaviour, vaccinations and grooming.

Prospective adopters would be screened and interviewed by WSD adoption counsellors to ensure that the dog goes to a loving and responsible home. If found suitable,they would be allowed to adopt the dog. The new adopters will be given vaccination certificates, leaflets on Dog Care. The adoption counsellors will also accompany the new owners with their pets to their residence.

The objective of this ADOPTION MELA is to encourage people to adopt dogs that really require a home instead of going and buying one. Hundreds of dogs (abandonded pets and pariahs) have been adopted by people from The Welfare Of Stray Dogs (WSD) in the past and have made wonderful pets. WSD has organized two Adoption Mela’s in the past through which 13 out of 15 and 8 out of 10 dogs had been adopted.

There will also be a SALE OF WSD PRODUCTS for doggies and their owners

For the Doggies – Tags, Ruffs, Pillows, Mattresses, Scarves
For the Owners – T-Shirts, Mugs, Trays, Jute & Cloth Bags, Notepads, Towels & Caps.

WSD contact nos: 23733433/23891070
E-mail :


1) Suraj: He was rescued from the airport. He is dark and handsome. He is very sweet, timid and can be slightly mischievous too. He will make an excellent family pet. He loves attention and enjoys going out for walks.

2) Lara : She is a Pomeranian who was ruthlessly abandoned by some one. She was left to die on the highway near Sion till a WSD volunteer found her with both her hind legs incapacitated. One leg had a fracture and the other was eaten up by maggots. At the beginning she used to walk around on her front legs but now she can walk around. She is very gentle and sweet and needs a very loving and extra caring home.

3) Laila She is a tan female, very sweet gentle and mild. She longs for human company but she is equally happy to sit next to you and enjoy the world go by.

4) Brandy: She is short-haired with black and brown fur, brandy colored eyes and erect ears. She is calm and peaceful. She is slightly shy but give her some time and she will be your good friend.

5) Milo: You look at him and you will remember Jim Carey’s Milo in The Mask. His short stature will not come in the way of jumping high to attract your attention. He was found abandoned at Powai. He is a mixed breed dog with grey and white markings.
6) Kalu : He is fat ,podgy but will jump on you to greet and will love to play with you. He was brought from the Mumbai zoo. He is very sweet, loving and timid. He loves being fussed upon.

7)Mamta : She is black and will make an excellent watchdog. She will be always exited to see people.

8) Bholu: He is very good looking and can be quite a clown. He will run around you with excitement. He takes a little time to know you but once he is friends with you, he will give to all the love and attention in the world.

9) Sucheta : She is a tiny little bundle of joy. She is always full of life. She will make the perfect family pet. She loves other dogs and some of the cats are her best friends. She is brown in color and very furry.

10) Raja: He will be true to his name and be the king of the house. He will guard it with all his might. He is very good looking and will love and protect you with his heart.

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