Tuesday, April 18, 2006

True Bombayite/Mumbaikar

You are not a true Bombayite/Mumbaikar if you..

...haven't eaten bhelpuri on Juhu beach/Chowpatty or wada-pav on the street.

...have dined/partied at Indigo,Athena,Polly Esthers,JBTB,Lush etc but havent eaten at Aram,Crystal,Khichadi Samrat,Khau Galli,Prakash,Mani's,GuruKripa,AnantAshram etc

...haven't been to Banganga,Haji Ali or Elephanta.

...haven't taken a walk in the Borivali National Park.

...dont think cats,stray dogs,crows,sparrows and pigeons are a part of the urban jungle you live in.

...haven't seen the flamingo's at the Sewri mudflats.

...haven't sat on the front seat of the top deck of a BEST double decker bus.

...dont know what the dabbawallas are.

...haven't waded in knee deep water during water-logging in the monsoons.

...haven't walked through the narrow gullies of a slum.

...haven't eaten bun-maska with chai in an Irani restaurant.

...haven't travelled in a packed local in peak-time.

...think the city is progressing with skyscrapers,multiplexes and malls.

...haven't gone to work when there was a bandh/heavy rain.

...dont know where Chinchpokli,Matharpacady,Foras road, Dharavi & Linking Road are.


ritzkini said...

HEY !! DONE ALL !! atleast most of them !!!

Abodh said...

Great ! So are you a True Mumbaikar, Chennaikar or Muscatkar ??

Dilip D'Souza said...

Abodh, how about this: you, the true Mumbaikar, take me to do all these things? After we're done, I'll let you treat me to dinner at Indigo. Deal?

Abodh said...

Yes, Dilip but eating at Indigo wouldnt make you a true Bombayite/Mumbaikar. So first I shall have to treat at Aram,Crystal,Khichadi Samrat,Khau Galli, Prakash, Mani's ,GuruKripa,AnantAshram and make you a true Bombayite. Then we can move onto eating at Indigo.

Fingers said...

I'm not from Bombay but I've done most of the things on the list when I was there for just a little more than a month!
And I qualify to be called a true Mumbaikar.

Abodh said...

Fingers: heh heh, but the criteria is that you should have done ALL

Happy-Go-Lucky said...

I would like to add one more:

- If you dont travel by locals atleast once a day.