Thursday, June 05, 2008

Mumbai rains prediction and MRF

Around 8:30 pm yesterday, it poured in many parts of Mumbai. These were pre-monsoon showers as confirmed by the weather bureau in the DNA and Indian Express.

MRF, the tyres company has been releasing an advt. every year predicting MRF rain day and telling Mumbaikars to switch to MRF tyres. And mostly every year they have been wrong with the prediction. They then follow up with the release of another advt. telling us that the MRF rain day has been extended so that we could switch to MRF tyres. Here are the dates of MRF rain days for the past five years….

June 6 - 2008
June 6 – 2007
June 4 – 2006
June 7 – 2005
June 2 – 2004

Either every year they get their information from the weather bureau else have the same two advertisement inserts. This year they have predicted June 6 as rain day in Mumbai and I am sure they will issue the second advt. on June 7 if the monsoon does not arrive in Mumbai.

And not only MRF but other people are trying to predict rain and even making money on it. Here is a story about people betting on not only when it would rain in Mumbai but also the quantum of rain that Mumbai will receive.

Though the weather bureau has predicted monsoon to hit Mumbai on June 10, it has this forecast for today. So what's your prediction ?


Aarti Badamikar said...

Today i experienced something in which the MRF ad was an example given. Therefore was looking for images of the MRF ads to post on my blog...and thus found urs. Nice one! I like ur blog.
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Aarti Badamikar said...

Hi Abodh.
Visited your blog got the first time. I liked the things u have posted. Actually I was looking for the MRF recent monsoon ads (to post on my blog)and thus I found ur blog.
Will write a post based on a different context.
Good Luck!