Friday, May 09, 2008

Children Welcome

A sign in a Mumbai restaurant ...

Children Welcome
Only if they sit at their assigned table.
No compromise
No bothering other guests
No Noise

Guess which one ?

and no it is not Anant Ashram in Khotachi Wadi


Kunal said...

sounds sweet :), which is it?
as opposed to 'don giovanni' in juhu, if i'm not mistaken, they actually say 'children not allowed'

Anonymous said...

that's like putting a sign - dogs welcome, only if they dont have fleas, dont bark, dont wag their tails.

did you see any kids in there?

Maya said...

oooohhhh poor l'il bambinos:-( Don Giovanni is not friendly to them. I remember seeing this there on a dinner date with someone special

Sudhir Kadkade said...

Here's a friendlier one from a local coffee joint. "Unattended children will be given an espresso and a free puppy."

Adhish said...

Don Giovanni in Juhu and now in Worli. I believe what happened was that a waiter accidently dropped hot soup when a kid running around the restaurant banged into him. The owner then decided not to allow kids into the restaurant at all and this created quite a sitr and even appeared in Bombay Times. The owner, an Italian was accused of not accepting Indian culture and a couple of people commented that in India we take our kids everywhere. THe owner had a point wrt to safety but wasn't but forward in the most diplomatic way. Another sign you can see outside his restaurant is how shorts and flip flops arent allowed though I must admit I have been there in shorts.