Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Bombay Bomb Blasts

Yesterday, Bombay was rocked by a series of bomb blasts which left more than 190 people dead and more than 625 injured. The bombs were placed in trains on the Western Railway suburban network which runs 1030 services and is used by 4.2 million people on a daily basis. The attack was on Mumbai's lifeline,on innocent commuters and where it hurt most . Listed below are all the stations on the Western railway line (south to north) and the timing of the blasts.

Marine Lines
Charni Road
Grant Road
Bombay Central
Lower Parel
Elphinstone Road
Matunga Road - Fifth blast - 6:30 pm
Mahim - Second blast - 6:23 pm
Bandra - First blast - 6:15 pm
Road - Third blast - 6:24 pm
Vile Parle
Jogeshwari - Fourth blast - 6:25 pm
Borivali - Seventh blast - 6:35 pm
Mira Road - Sixth blast - 6:31 pm

Vasai Road
Nala Sopara

Help is available on Mumbai Help. Updates and collated reports from blogs on Ultrabrown , Desipundit and Gaurav Sabnis. Many fellow bloggers have written about their experiences. Read... Govindraj Ethiraj here , Dilip D'souza here , Rohit Balan here and Dhruti here.

I was on Marine Drive when I heard about the bomb blast and called people I knew who traveled during that time on the Western line. Though I had some difficulty in getting through as the phone lines were jammed, everyone I knew were fortunately safe(the others who were in those compartments were not so fortunate) and as every commuter, had a story to tell. Our help line executive who lives in Bhayander had to jump off the train when it halted before Borivali station, walk to the highway, take a rickshaw to the Dahisar check naka and trudge home to Bhayandar. A WSD volunteer was at Mahim station and heard the blast. He later understood that his young neighbour died in the Borivali blast.

And as far as Reader Digest’s revelation of Mumbai being the rudest (least polite) city goes, they should look at reports of local citizens helping here and here , Borivali's good samaritan here and taxiwallahs helping here. There must have been thousands of such gestures and one I know personally was of another WSD volunteer who works at a call center and resides at Matunga (City Light cinema). She was on L J road for 3 hours distributing biscuits and water to passengers who were stranded on the roads after all the routes were jammed. After that, she still reported to work at one in the night.

Today while coming to work, I saw that there were enough people in the buses and trains, kids were going to schools and people to offices and in true Mumbai never say die spirit, a message was sent out that Mumbaikars will not get bogged down by such terror tactics.


Bombay Addict said...

Abodh - could you please thank that WSD volunteer from me ? Hats off to her for that selfless act. She embodies the very spirit you speak about. Thank you.

Mumbai Guy said...

I hope the guilty ones are apprehanded soon and given harsh punishment.

Abodh said...

Bombay Addict : Told her

Mumbai Guy : Yes, I hope so too